Orissa Information Technology Society (OITS) conducted a quiz test at senior (MCA, BE, B.Sc.(Eng) and B.Sc.(hons)) and junior (upto class XII) levels with separate questions, on 29th August, 2004. We contacted Berhampur, Puri, Sambalpur/Burla, Rourkela, Sarang, Cuttack, Raygada, Balasore, Damanjodi, Paradeep, Angul and Bhubaneswar. About 1200 students registered for the same, and around one thousand students appeared. Organisationally, the contest was modelled the same way as last year. This year there was a very positive response from Rourkela, Sambalpur/Burla, Raygada and Balasore and some other places as additional venues. But the response from Bhubaneswar decreased as many students had examinations. Professor Sudarshan Padhy, Coordinator, IT Olympiad mainly organised this activity, with able assistance from many people as announced as well as many others, including M.Tech. (Comp Sc) students, who were not eligible to contest, and young faculty members, came forward to help. The results at senior and junior levels are as below.


HELD ON 29th August, 2004

(In order of merit, total of 16+1 students)

1. Lalit Patel, 4th Semester CS,KITS, BBS

2. S. C. Vijay K Rath, 5th Semester CSE, CET, BBS

3. Sudhansu Sahu, 3rd Semester MCA CITE, BBS

4. Sanat K Sahu, 2nd year ECE, GIET, Gunupur

5. Karan Misra, 5th Semester CSE, CET, BBS

6. Anshul Goyal, 5th Semester BTech., NIT, RKL

7. Pravat R Mishra, 4th Semester CS, SIT, BBS

8. Nisha Kandot, 3rd Semester IT, CET, BBS

9. Sidharth K Mishra, 3rd Semester CS, KEC, BBS

9. Smritidhara Saha, 6th Semester IT, KITS, BBS

10.Subhashree Panda, CSE, UCE, Burla

10.Satish K Pradhan, 6th Semester CSE, JITM, Paralakhemundi

10.Supriya, 4th Semester CS, KITS, BBS

10.Aveek Dutta, E & TCE, UCE, Burla

10.Deepak Prasad, 3rd Semester CSEA, NIT, RKL

10.Sanjib K Swain, 4th Semester MCA, RCM, BBS

Special Prize B.Sc.(hons,cs): Anjana Priyadarshini, +3 III Year, SCS, Puri


HELD ON 29th AUGUST, 2004

(In order of merit, total of 11 students)

1. Subrat K Das, class XI, Ispat EM School, RKL

2. Allada Chidambaram, Class XI, Ispat EM School, RKL

3. Shivangi Varma, Class XI, Ispat EM School, RKL

4. Dhiritiman Panigrahi, Class XII, Ispat EM school, RKL

5. Soumya Shanker, Class XII, Ispat EM school, RKL

6. Swabhiman Chhotray, Class XI, St. Paul school, RKL

7. Sangeeta Patel Class XII, Deepika EM School, RKL

8. Soumya R Das, Class XII, St. Paul school, RKL

9. Subhasis Dutta Class XII, DAV Public school, CS Pur, BBS

10.Rupali Rituparna Ray, +2 Second yr sc, SCS coll., Puri

10.Divyanshu Arora, Delhi Public School, Damanjodi



It is noticed that still some students have not taken their prizes. The list is as follows:

Senior level:
1. Ansul Goyal, NIT, Rkl, Rs.500/-
2. Satish K Pradhan, JITM, Parlakhemundi, Rs.500/-
3. Deepak Prasad, NIT, Rkl, Rs.500/-

Junior level:
1. Shivangi Varma, Ispat EM School, Rkl, Rs.1000/-
2. Swabhiman Chhotray, St Paul EM School, Rkl, Rs.500/-
3. Soumya R Das, Ditto, Rs.500/-

The students may immediately email to spadhy@sancharnet.in, tel:9437204666 indicating the address in which the certificates and the cheques may be sent. In case of any difficulty, you may ring 9861049992, Mr Ajit Nayak, Treasurer, OITS. The certificates and the cheques are lying with Prof S Padhy, coordinator, with the address as above.

Prizes were distributed on 22nd March, 2005 in a function with Prof L N Mishra, Vice-Chancellor, Utkal University as Chief Guest. As it was a working day, many prize winners could not come.

It is hereby notified that the prize winners may collect their certificates and prize money from Prof S Padhy, Coordinator, IT Olympiad (Mathematics Department, Vani Vihar, tel no 9437204666) after giving him a ring, and with appropriate identification. They may also give a ring to Treasurer, oits, (tel no 9861049992) for this purpose.

In case you are unable to come, please send your postal address to Prof S Padhy, Mathematics Dept, Vani Vihar, Bhubaneswar 751004, with a message to spadhy@sancharnet.in so that the certificates and the cheque may be sent in the address given.

The prize amounts are Rs.3000, Rs.2000, and Rs.1000 for those ranking first, second and third, and Rs.500 each for all the others listed above.