Prof. S. Padhy,
Coordinator (IT Olympiad), Orissa Information Technology Society (OITS),
Professor of Mathematics, School of Mathematics-Statistics-Computer Science ,
Utkal University, Bhubaneswar-751004.



Dear Sir,

We have pleasure in informing you that the seventh Information Technology Olympiad Test (described in the information sheet enclosed) will be held at different centres in Orissa on 30.9.2007. This test is conducted with a view to reward the talented computer science students in schools and colleges. It goes without saying that such an undertaking will never succeed without your sincere and enthusiastic cooperation. We shall be happy if you will take all possible steps to give this test adequate publicity and motivate students in large number in your institution to participate in it.

You may also bring to the notice of would be candidates that the first ten students separately in the junior and senior tests are given prizes and certificates. The first, second and third examinees in junior and senior levels are given respectively prizes of Rs.3000/-, Rs.2000/- and Rs.1000/- each, and the remaining winners in each group are given Rs.500/- as consolation prizes. All the above students are also given certificates of merit indicating their position. The winners of last year may be seen in the website This is only a small gesture from our end.

We shall feel obliged if you would kindly send the consolidated list of applicants in duplicate in the prescribed proforma along with the fees as suggested in the information sheet.

Looking forward to hearing from you and with best regards.

Yours Sincerely,

S. Padhy.

 N.B: If your institution is/will be a centre (a school or college with about 50 or more applicants can be a centre), we further request you or your nominee to kindly act as the centre superintendent for the above examination. The details of the centre expenses and conduct of examination are given below.
  1. Centre expenses
    1. Centre Superintendent Rs.200/-
    2. Deputy Centre Superintendent (Where the number of candidates exceeds 200) Rs.150/-
    3. Invigilator (One for every 30 candidates and part thereof. No reliever is to be appointed.) Rs.100/-
    4. Packer-Cum-Water Boy Rs.50/-
    5. Clerical Assistance Rs.75/-
    6. Contingency Rs.40/-
    7. Sitting Arrangements and Sweeping Rs.0.50 paise per candidate.
  2. One of our representatives will carry to you the sealed question packet and answer scripts. You are requested to hand over to him the sealed packet of the used answer scripts after the examination. He will also carry back unused questions and answer scripts.
  3. The same representative will make the payment on the spot and obtain the vouchers.
  4. Centre Superintendents may permit the candidates(who have not applied but turned up in last moment) after they satisfy themselves that the candidates are genuine students of some institutions. In that case you may send their names, roll numbers and the money through the representative.
Thanking you for your kind cooperation.

S. Padhy


Orissa Information Technology Olympiad (Junior Level)-2007

Orissa Information Technology Olympiad (Senior Level)-2007.

Conducted by Orissa Information Technology Society.

  1. Date of Examination------------30.9.2007(1P.M.- 4P.M.)
  2. Last Date of Application--------15.9.2007

Prizes and certificates of merit in each group of junior and senior level of Information Technology Olympiad( at least ten depending on response) will be awarded subsequently at function of Orissa Information Technology Society.


    1. Junior Level------Students studying in class X, XI, XII or +2.
    2. Senior Level------Students studying in B.E, B.Tech, B.Sc., MCA, MBA, or M.Sc.
    1. Junior Level---------Elementary ideas about different part of a computer system,

      Application of Information Technology.(weightage 30%) Algorithm and Programming in Basic or C(weightage 70%).

    2. Senior Level----------- Computer Organisation, Application Areas, Application

    Software( Weightage 30%) Data Structure , Algorithms and Programming in C( weightage 70%)


    Interested candidates are required to deposit a sum of Rs.35/- (Senior) and Rs. 25/- (Junior) with the principal /Head Master/Head of the Department of computer science. The Principal /Head Master/H.O.Ds of computer science are requested to send the consolidated list of applicants in duplicate in the proforma given below. The total amount of fees collected should be sent in the form of M.O/a bank draft payable in Bhubaneswar in favour of `oits', or the fees may be paid in cash .


        1. Name of the Institution with complete Address:
        2. Total No. of Applicants :
        3. Amount of fees collected :
        4. Mode of payment : M.O/Bank draft to OITS/Cash
        5. List of Applicants : Please write (W) in case the candidate is a girl.

    Sl.No Full name of candidate E-mail/Tel.

    (If any)

    Class School/College

    Roll No.

    Centre of choice Remark
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Full Sign. of the Head of the Institution/H.O.D Comp. Sc. with seal


    1. The School/College and Roll No. of the candidate shall be the candidate’s Roll No. for Olympiad Examination.
    2. The centre chosen by the candidate from the approved list of centres shall normally be the centre of Olympiad Examination. The candidate should carry an Identity card/a letter of Identification from Head of the Institution/Department to the centre of Examination.

    The Updated List of Centres for 2006 are:

    • Bhubaneswar : Utkal University, ITER, KIIT, SIT, KEC, C.V. Raman, GITA, Nilachal Polytechnic
    • Rourkela : NIT, RIMS, Deepika E.M. School, St. Paul School
    • Berhampur : NIST, RICMS
    • SCS College, Puri
    • G. M. College, Sambalpur
    • MITS, Rayagada
    • FM University, Balasore
    • JITM, Paralakhemundi
    • Ravenshaw University, Cuttack

    A School/College with about 50 applicants or more can be a center. For this purpose contact any of the following persons :

    • S PADHY (Coordinator), Dept of Mathematics, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar-751031. E-mail:, Mob.:9437304666
    • M R PATRA, Dept. of Comp. Sc., Berhampur University, Berhampur-760071. E-mail:, Mob.: 9437145430
    • B MAJHI, Dept. of Comp. Sc., NIT, Rourkela. E-mail:,Mob.: 9437221124.
    • S. DEHURY, Dept. of Comp. Sc., F.M. University, Balasore. E-mail:, Mob.: 9437381494.
    • SREE KUMAR, RIMS, Rourkela. E-mail:, Mob.: 9437047060.
    • B K PATEL, Dept. of Mathematics, Sambalpur. E-mail:, Mob.:9437564019
    • P MISHRA, Dept. of Comp. Sc., GIET, Gunupur. E-mail:, Mob.: 9437783499
    • A K NAYAK, Dept. of Comp. Sc., SIT, BBSR; Treasurer, OITS. E-mail: