Resolution of general body of oits

regarding Constitution of Steering Committees of the CITs

23rd December, 2003

It was felt that the procedure for the formation of the steering committees for the CITs may be changed to the following, thus the resolution of december 1999 getting modified.

In the steering committees, there may be four permanent members, two from USA and two from inside India, and some rotating members as earlier.

Permanent members:

The following members were elected as the permanet members.

1. Prasant Mohapatra

2. R N Mohapatra (Steering Chair)

3. G Panda (NIT Rourkela)

4. S P Misra

Rotating members:

It was also decided that the rotating members of the steering committee of the nth cit shall be the general chair(s), the program chairs and the organising chair of the (n-1)th cit, in addition to the incumbent President of oits during the period of the conference.

The procedure of the earlier resolution thus gets replaced by the above.