Proceedings of General Body Meeting of OITS

held on 16, December 2007

The general body meeting of OITS was held on 16th December, 2007 at 11:45 am at IIIT, BBSR(OCAC Campus), after the IT Olympiad prize distribution. 

Professor Sudarsan Padhy presided over the business meeting.

a.       Here the recommendations of the executive committee of the office bearers of OITS for the session April, 2008 to March, 2010 was approved as given below.

President: S P Misra

Vice-President: G K Nayak

Secretary: P K Behera

Treasurer: Satya Biswal

Joint-Secretaries: Secretary/President from the chapters, Sambalpur, Rourkela, Berhampur, Paralakhemundi, Dhenkanal and Balasore, to be intimated to us by the chapters.

Advisor: S Padhy

Others: Ajit Das

Ajit Nayak

P Kabisatapathy

Amiya Rath

Biswajit Sahoo

b.      The amendments suggested by the executive committee as below was ratified

i. The word 'Advisor' in article 4(i)(a) may be replaced with the word 'Advisors'.

ii. The word 'Secretary' in article 6(iv) may be replaced by 'Seceratary/President as decided by the chapter'.

c.       Prof. S P Misra suggested that there should be a change for permanent members of steering committee of ICIT and in particular he would like to be replaced as he has been there for four years. The general body felt it desirable that every four year the two permanent members from India in the steering committee may be elected afresh. Hence nominations for the same were called for in the general body.

For this the names suggested were 1. Prof S Pady, and 2. Prof G K Nayak. They were unanimously elected to the steering committee of ICIT for 2008-2012.

After the business meeting, the workshop on ‘Improvement of IT in Orissa’ was held with G K Nayak (IIIT) as the convenor and S K Nayak (Silicon)  and A K Panda (OCAC), as the speakers. During the meeting S Padhy, S P Misra, A K Das, A K Nayak, P Kabisatpathy, and many other members of OITS actively participated in the deliberations.



Sudarshan Padhy (President)          Ajit Das (Secretary)