held on 15, December 2007

The meeting of the present executive committee meeting was held on 15th December, 2007 at 5.30 pm at Math dept, vanivihar, BBSR. The following members were present:

1. Sudarshan Padhy

2. Ajit Das

3. Ajit Nayak

4. S P Misra

5. P K Behera

6. Amiya Rath

The following Points were discussed

A. Ammendments suggested to the bylaws

i. The word 'Advisor' in article 4(i)(a) may be replaced with the word 'Advisors'.

ii. The word 'Secretary' in article 6(iv) may be replaced by 'Seceratary/President as decided by the chapter'.

B. The Executive committee for the term 2008-2010 were suggested as follows;

President: S P Misra

Vice-President: G K Nayak

Secretary: P K Behera

Treasurer: Satya Biswal

Joint-Secretaries: Secretary/President from the chapters, Sambalpur, Rourkela, Berhampur, Paralakhemundi, Dhenkanal and Balasore, to be intimated to us by the chapters.

Advisor: S Padhy

Others: Ajit Das

Ajit Nayak

P Kabisatapathy

Amiya Rath

Biswajit Sahoo

Manoj Mishra

Sudarshan Padhy (President)          Ajit Das (Secretary)