held on 02, August 2007

The meeting of the present executive committee meeting was held on 2nd Aug, 2007 at 5.30 pm at Math dept, vanivihar, BBSR. The following members were present:

1. Sudarshan Padhy

2. Ajit Das

3. Ajit Nayak

4. S P Misra

5. P K Behera

6. P KabiSatapathy

A. The date for olympiad 2007 was fixed as 30th september, 2007 from 1pm-4pm.

It was also decided to have a preconference meeting and the business meeting of oits during 15th and 16th december with iiit.

Treasurer indicated that there may be about Rs.10 lakhs balance for oits, and it was decided that most of it may be as fixed deposits.

Sudarshan Padhy (President)          Ajit Das (Secretary)