held on 9th June, 2004

The second meeting of the present executive committee meeting was held on 9th June, 2004 at 5.30 pm in the Mathematics dept of Utkal University. The following members were present:

1. J R Sahu (President)

2. Sudarshan Padhy

3. Sateesh Pradhan

4. Ajit Nayak

5. S P Misra

6. P K Behera

A. The present situation regarding opening of the Berhampur Chapter was discussed. The cheque from oits for Rs.16,470/- payable to oits-bam regarding corpus of funds was decided to be sent to the secretary, berhampur chapter with intimation to the president and treasurer.

A formal function for inauguration/first event of the chapter may also be finalised by president and secretary of oits, berhampur chapter in consultation with president and secretary, oits.

B. It was noted that Orissa IT olympiad, 2004, as announced in the web site may be generally adhered to, and Ajit Nayak in consultation with Sudarshan Padhy may do the needful to widely circulate the same as appropriate for wide participation.

C. A workshop for teachers may be jointly organised by oits and CITE (Bhubaneswar). It may be for four days, and the detailed program may be finalised by S Padhy, S Pradhan and J R Sahu in consultation with the CITE faculty. The expenditure from oits may be upto Rs.5,000/-.

D. It has been intimated by the executive editor J R Hota that the number of articles to oits bulletin are so far not adequate. S Pradhan and P K Behera agreed to contribute articles. All the executive committee members may try to get articles early so that the bulletin may appear in time.

E. As per the decision of the last executive committee to have an additional office bearer `advisor' in article 4.(i), it was noted that the sambalpur and rourkela chapters have intimated by email from their Secretaries that the advisors for them shall be respectively Arun K Pujari (Un of Hyd) and S Patnaik (rim,rkl).

The executive committee also considered the same for oits and requested S P Misra to be the adviser of oits.

This request was made with the following things in mind. (i) Prof Misra has been deeply involved in all activities of oits from its inception; (ii) He has been the only patron member of oits; (iii) He has personally contributed to oits funds amounting to Rs.25,000/- (as patron), Rs.45,000/- (for the Narayan Misra IT award in CITs), Rs.24,000/- (to the three chapters of oits).

While accepting the same and mentioning that his advice shall always be available, S P Misra requested that the new team should make oits activities totally independent of him, and it can do so.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the chair.


J R Sahu (President)          Sateesh Pradhan (Secretary)