held on 17th April, 2004

After 1st april, the first meeting of the new executive committee was held on 17th april, 2004 at 5.30 pm in the Mathematics dept of Utkal University. The following members attended the meeting:

1. J R Sahu (president)

2. Sudarshan Padhy

3. Sateesh Pradhan

4. Ajit Nayak

5. S P Misra

6. P K Behera

A. The present situation regarding opening of the Berhampur Chapter was first discussed. The new office bearers said that the cheque from oits regarding corpus of funds may be sent at the earliest.

Also, the officials of the chapter may be intimated that they may accept new members of oits through the chapter and accept the registration forms and money for this pupose. The zerox copies of the registration forms of the new members may be sent to the main office, along with 5% of the life membership fees.

A formal function for inauguration/first event of the berhampur chapter may also be made in consultation with all concerned.

B. For Orissa IT olympiad, 2004, Prof Sudarshan Padhy was again requested to be the coordinator. It may be held on the last sunday of august or the first sunday of september, as earlier. Appropriate corrections may be made over the announcement of 2003, including, e.g. the prizes that will be given, and this may be put in the web site at the earliest. Prof Padhy may take other steps as needed from time to time.

C. As was the practice last year, the following may the editors of the OITS bulletin:

Chief Editor: J R Sahu, President, OITS

Editor: Sateesh Pradhan, Secretary, OITS

Executive Editor: J R Hota

The old editorial board may continue. As was decided in the general body meeing, the bulletin may be published twice a year, in June and in December.

D. There was a request from the Secretary of the Rourkela Chapter that there may be the provision in the executive committee for an oits member to be named as `Advisor'.

The executive committee agreed to this and resolved that article 4.(i) be modified accordingly. The three chapters may be intimated accordingly.

E. It was decided that Prof S P Misra may continue to be in charge of the oits web site.

F. It was noted that Dr. Sanghamitra Mohanty had been the secretary of oits at a crucial period, and as organising chair had made cit99 a grand success. She has been extremely busy with development programs of Indian languages and is no longer in the new executive committee. The present executive committee collectively expresses its deep appreciation of the contributions of Dr. Mohanty to oits, and feels convinced that her advice will be available to us as and when we need the same.

It also noted with pleasure the many contributions of Prof D Misra, njit, USA who was secretary (overseas) of oits and was a program chair of cit2000 helping to make a grand success of the conference. His help for raising funds for the cits and oits is gratefully acknowledged. The present executive committee collectively deeply appreciates the contributions of Prof Misra, and believes that his help and advice will be available to us as and when we may need it.

J R Sahu (President)          Sateesh Pradhan (Secretary)