Orissa is one of the most investor friendly state in India with progressive policies such as: (i) reform in the power sector that has resulted in Orissa becoming one of the few power surplus state in India (ii) policy decisions to declare and ensure its capital city Bhubaneswar to be a pollution free city (iii) establishment of one of the first Software Technology Park in India in Bhubaneswar (STPI) (iv) involvement of private sector in engineering and IT education, (v) establishment of B.Sc Computer Science programs in regular colleges etc.

The Cuttack-Bhubaneswar-Berhampur corridor in Orissa is the main Information Technology center of Orissa, with smaller centers in Rourkela and Sambalpur.

Cuttack and Bhubaneswar are twin cities with a population of approximately one million. Cuttack, the ex-capital of Orissa is home to Ravenshaw College, one of the oldest educational institutions in India, several engineering colleges, a medical college, an engineering school, and several IT professional training schools. Bhubaneswar, the current capital of Orissa is home to Utkal University, Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology, several Engineering Colleges (College of Engineering and Technology, KIIT, C. V. Raman, etc.), several MCA (Master in Computer application) granting institutions (IISIT, ORICOM, etc.), the Xaviers Institute of Management -- a premier management institute in India, OCAC (Orissa Computer Application Center), several colleges (BJB, Rama Devi, etc.), and many IT professional training schools. BJB, Rama Devi and Ravenshaw are three of the six colleges in Orissa that offer B.Sc in Computer Science. Recently, IBM together in partnership with Orissa govt has opened a educational center offereing IT courses designed at IIT Kanpur and IBM. The Orissa government is in the process of setting up an IIIT (Indian Inst of Information Technology) in Bhubaneswar. The Indian government in its July 1998 IT policy has declared Bhubaneswar as one of the five Software Centers in India. Infosys, one of the top 3 Indian Software Company has its second Indian center in Bhubaneswar, and Satyam Computers (also one of the major Indian software company) has a center in Bhubaneswar. Besides those two, Bhubaneswar has many other smaller IT companies such as ORICOM, TEKONS, CSM, etc, several of them located in the Software Technology Park (STPI Bhubaneswar).

Berhampur is a little more than 100 kms from Bhubaneswar on the National highway 5. Berhampur is the home to Berhampur University (with programs in MBA and MCA), Khallikote College, two medical colleges, three engineering college and a host of IT professional training schools. Among its engineering collegs, is the innovative NIST (National Institute of Science and Technology) established by non-resident Oriyas with programs and curricula developed by professors in major US universities. The second STP in Orissa referred to as the INFOTECH CENTER is currently being established at Berhampur.

Rourkela is the most cosmopolitan city of Orissa with a major steel plant. It has one of the top regional engineering colleges in India which offers Bachelors and Masters programs in Computer Sc and Engg, Electrical Engineering and other Engineering fields. It also offers a program in Master in Computer Application (MCA). Govt College, Rourkela is among the first six colleges in Orissa offereing a B.Sc program in Computer Science. Sambalpur is a district head quarter with a major university (Sambalpur university), a medical college, an engineering college offering Bachelors and Masters programs in Computer Sc and Engg, Electronics and telecommunication engineering, Electrical Engineering and other Engineering fields. The engineering college and the university both offer MCA programs. Finally, G. M. College in Berhampur is also among the first six colleges in Orissa offereing a B.Sc program in Computer Science.

More detailed information about the IT scenario in Orissa and India and their recently announced IT policies are linked below. These were prepared in 1997 and 1998, and are backdated, and are still included to give a perspective. Updated materials are in course of being developed, and suggestions for the same shall be welcome in email address spmisra@iopb.res.in.

  • IT policy of Orissa, July 1998

  • Information Technology action plan of the Indian Government,July 4, 1998

  • An Introduction to Orissa Information Technology Society, Dr(Prof).S.P.Mishra, President of OITS.

  • Information Technology infrastructure of Orissa, Dr(Prof).C.Baral, Overseas Secretary of OITS