A proposal made by some OITS members to establish B.Sc (Hons) and pass courses in computer science was discussed with delegates from Orissa (CM, Chief Secy, etc.) in July 97, and a formal proposal was later submitted to the Orissa government and various universities in Orissa.

The main idea behind the proposal -- with an eye towards little additional cost to the government -- was to establish computer science programs that can be replicated easily in all corners of Orissa, with existing infrastructure and retraining of existing Physics and Mathematics lecturers.

In December 97 the proposal was acted upon by the Orissa government and it was decided to open B.Sc (Hons) in Computer Science in 6 colleges in Orissa: B.J.B and Rama Devi in Bhubaneswar; Ravenshaw in Cuttack; Khallikote in Berhampur, G. M in Sambalpur and Govt. College in Rourkela.

In summer of 1998, 5 lecturers from each of the above colleges were trained at OCAC for six weeks and the B.Sc classes in Computer Science are supposed to start in the middle of September 98. The lecturers trained in summer 98, will be trained in additional topics in the coming summers. The govt is thinking of having the same programs in additional colleges and many private colleges have also expressed interest in having them.

Following is the proposal that was sent to the government.

  • B.Sc(Hons)