The Steering Committee for 10th

International Conference on Information Technology (CIT-2007)

The following are the members of the Steering Committee for CIT-2007

Permanent members:

1. Prasant Mohapatra,

2. Chitta Baral (Steering Chair),

3. G Panda (NIT Rourkela),

4. S P Misra,

Rotating members:

5. D Misra, (General Chair, cit2006),

6. B K Sarap, (General Chair, cit2006),

7. S Mohanty, (Program Chair, cit2006),

8. A Sahoo, (Program Chair, cit2006),

9. A K Das, (Organising Chair, cit2006),

9. M Mishra, (Organising Chair, cit2006),

10 S Padhy, (President, oits),

They may select a core team for cit2007 with Chitta Baral as the Steering Chair. The venue shall be NIT Rourkela. Prasant Mohapatra of University of California at Davis was earlier approached and has kindly agreed to be a general chair. The steering chair will be coordinating about the other members of the team.

This committee, as per earlier decision, may also suggest in due course the venue and any thing else it considers appropriate for CIT-2008.