The Steering Committee for 9th

International Conference on Information Technology (CIT-2006)

The following are the members of the Steering Committee for CIT-2005

Permanent members:

1. Prasant Mohapatra,

2. Chitta Baral (Steering Chair),

3. G Panda (NIT Rourkela),

4. S P Misra,

Rotating members:

5. S Padhy, (General Chair, cit2005),

6. D Panda, (General Chair, cit2005),

7. R Mall, (Program Chair, cit2005),

8. M Satpathy, (Program Chair, cit2005),

9. S Pradhan, (Organising Chair, cit2005),

They may select a core team for cit2006 (and the venue) with Chitta Baral as the Steering Chair.

NOTES: 1. Prof R N Mohapatra was earlier the steering chair. He suggested in the general body meeting of oits that instead of him, Prof Chitta Baral may be the steering chair. Both were present and it was agreed that way.

2. When Prof R N Mohapatra was the steering chair, it was decided that cit2006 may be held in collaboration with ITER at Bhubaneswar.

3. It was decided that cit2007 may be held in collaboration with NIT Rourkela at Rourkela.

4. It was generally agreed that this procedure of deciding on the venue, and, the collaborating institution two years in advance may be subsequently followed so that there is adequate time to chose the corresponding cit team for taking effective action.

5. During this time, Dr. J R Sahu as the president of oits was also a member of the steering committee.`