3rd International Conference on

Information Technology

December 20-23, 2000

Swasti Plaza Hotel, Bhubaneswar, INDIA

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Organized by

0ITS-Bhubaneswar & KIIT-Bhubaneswar

Co Sponsored by

OITS-Bhubaneswar, KIIT-Bhubaneswar, NIST-Berhampur,

NJIT-New Jersey, Distributed Software Research-Lucent Technologies,

IEEE NJ Section-New Jersey, IEEE India Council,

STPI-Bhubaneswar, Kalinga Software-Bhubaneswar, Ahead Software Solutions-Calcutta,

Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (GoI), ESS-Bhubaneswar,

Orissa Society of the Americas

On behalf of the CIT’2000 Committee, we would like to welcome you to the 2000 International Conference on Information Technology at Bhubaneswar, India. CIT’2000 continues the tradition as the premier forum for the presentation of the latest research and development in the area of information technology and their applications. The international nature of the conference is evident with invited speakers and contributed papers from around the world.

Eight tutorials are scheduled for Wednesday, December 20. These are designed for broad appeal to the CIT’2000 participants including those unfamiliar with the topics. The tutorials are absolutely free and everyone is welcome to attend. The tutorials will be presented by active researchers in these fields.

The keynote talks in the conference will feature presentations on Reliability and Quality of Service in Enterprise Networks, Impact of the Internet on Higher Education, Dissemination Dynamic Data on the Internet, LeZi Update: a Universal Model for Personal Mobility Management in Wireless Cellular Networks and Next Generation Information System Technology. Speakers from North America and Asia will be featured. On Friday, December 22, afternoon two panel discussions on two important topics on the emerging role of information technology are planned.

It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm welcome to all the participants and authors who are to be commended for their efforts in preparing and presenting the high-quality papers that forms the foundation of this conference.

Durgamadhab Misra, NJIT, USA and

R K Ghosh, IIT Kanpur, India

Program Chairs, CIT’2000



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Rs. 3000.00

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Registration Fee entitles the registrant to one copy of the conference proceedings, lunches and coffee breaks and all technical sessions.

IEEE Members will get 10% discount

Advance registration closes on Dec 10, 2000. Those who want to avail facility of registration desk at the conference must send a request to the Organizing Chair before 10th December, 2000. If intenational participants can not send a check prior to the conference, mail the registration form to the Organizing Chair without payment prior to the conference . Bring payment with you and pay the registration fee onsite.

Your registration materials will be held for you at the conference.

Tutorials are absolutely free. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you are an industry member it is suggested that you register for the conference.


Prashanta Mishra
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+91 674 585790/91


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The Special CIT'2000 Room Rate:Rs.2000/-(Two thousand Indian Rupees)

Panel Discussions

On Friday December 22, afternoon two Panel Discussions are planned.

  1. Popularisation of Information Technology: On a Local Context
  2. Indian IT industries and IT institutions - a Symbiosis for Common Goal


Wednesday, December 20, 2000

Tutorials - I  Time :  9.00 PM  - 12.00 Noon
Chairs: N. Tripathy, Fujitsu Microelectronics, USA and

M. Patra, Berhampur University, India

T.1. Human Computer Interface Design Anirudha Joshi, anirudha@idc.iitb.ernet.in

Abstract: What makes human-computer interfaces more usable? Solid functionality or powerful code optimization? Pretty graphics or clean layouts? This tutorial looks at some principles and measurable attributes that make human interfaces more usable.

About the Speaker: Anirudha Joshi has been working in the field of human-computer interface design and design for new media for the past eight years. Currently he is a faculty member in the Industrial Design Center in IIT Bombay. In addition to teaching HCI in IIT Bombay, he conducts workshops and training programs for participants from the industry. He is also a consultant to several software and Internet companies in the field of human-computer interface design and software usability engineering.

T.2. Soft Computing Techniques For Pattern Recognition
        Dr. Basabi Chakraborty, basabi@soft.iwate-pu.ac.jp

T.3. Next Generation Middleware
        Arvind W. Kiwelekar, awk@dbatu.ren.nic.in

Abstract: The level of the tutorial being introductory one, reviews the evolution of the middleware technology and also explores the features of the next generation middleware platforms like CORBA/EJB. All those with Object Oriented background and zeal for honing their programming skills can attend the tutorial.

About the Speaker: Arvind W. Kiwelekar is presently working as the Head, Department of Computer Engineering of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere, INDIA. He did his M. E. from VJTI, Mumbai. For a short period, he
has worked in the System Administration group of C-DAC. He is the recipient of research fellowship from Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. His areas of research include Distributed Systems, Databases and Cluster Computing.

T.4. Formal Models for Enterprise Engineering: Distributed Production Organizations
        Dr. Tomasz Janowski, tj@iist.unu.edu

Abstract. Enterprise models provide a formalized representation of the core business activities of an industrial organization. They can become a useful resource for a company, helping to better understand its behavior, to analyze and optimize operations, to support management of change, to plan and monitor collaboration with its customers and suppliers. The tutorial outlines model construction for a distributed production enterprise, a recent trend in organizational development particularly suitable for the enterprises that carry out their activities on-line (including business-to-business transactions). The enterprise has several manufacturing enterprises operates independently to advance individual goals based on their own resources interacting with each other, when the goals exceed the capacity of any single enterprise. The tutorial shows how to tackle a well-defined set of semantic issues for distributed enterprise modeling (from concurrency, scheduling to distribution and real-time). Secondly, apply such models, via tools, to carry out systematic design and analysis of the organization’s business goals and processes.

About the Speaker: Tomasz Janowski received an MSc in Mathematics from the University of Gdansk, Poland in 1989 and a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Warwick, England in 1995. His research interests include formal design of reliable systems from unreliable components (fault-tolerance), models and tools for enterprise engineering and the integration of static (proof-based) and dynamic (based on run-time error-detection) techniques in component-based software development.



Tutorials - II  Time:  1.00 PM  -  4.00PM
Chairs: M. Patra, Berhampur University, India and

N. Tripathy, Fujitsu Microelectronics, USA


T.5. Wireless Local Area Network,
         Mr. Partha Pratim Bhattacharya, ppb_nist@yahoo.com

Abstract: This course presents an overview of Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN). Two types of technologies – Radio frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR) will be focused.
Different network topologies, antenna system, modulation and coding techniques for WLAN will be discussed followed by indoor propagation modeling, standard for WLAN and its applications.

About the Speaker: P.P.Bhattacharya has an M.Tech from University of Burdwan. He served Society for Applied Microwave  Electronics Engineering  and  Research (SAMEER), an autonomous research  organization under  Govt  of  India, and  National  Institute  of  Science  and Technology  (NIST) as  lecturer. At  present  he  is  Lecturer  in  College of  Engineering  and  Management,  Kolaghat  (CEMK).  His present research area  includes  Wireless  communication,  Microwave  and Millimetrewave  devices  and  circuits.

T.6. Mobile Adhoc Networks,
        Sridhar Iyer, sri@it.iitb.ernet.in

Abstract: Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) consist of a collection of mobile wireless computers. Different hosts communicate over wireless links, and messages may traverse multiple wireless links before reaching their destination. This tutorial will cover various network and transport issues, that arise as a result of the host mobility in MANET and discuss some approaches to address these issues.

About the Speaker: Sridhar Iyer is an Assistant Professor in the KR School of Information Technology at IIT Bombay. Prior to this, he was a faculty member in the Dept of Computer Science & Engg at IIT Guwahati. His teaching and research interests include areas in Distributed Systems and Mobile Computing.

T.7. Component Object Technology And Component Based Software Development,
         K.Chandra Sekaran, kch@krec.ernet.in

Abstract: This tutorial focuses the major characteristics and features of components for software development. Also it aims to describe the means of using component technology solutions of MicroSoft (COM/DCOM/COM+) and, OMG (CORBA) and the interworking between them. A few case studies have been prepared to demonstrate these features.

About the Speaker: K.Chandra Sekaran has B.Tech, Phil(Engg), Ph.D. He is currently an Assistant Professor (in Computer Engineering Department) at Karnataka Regional Engineering College. He has one and half years of Industry and 13 yrs teaching and research experience. His specialization is Distributed Computing and Genetic Algorithms.

T.8. Cryptographic Protocol Analysis,
R.K. Shyamasundar, shyam@tcs.tifr.res.in

Abstract: In this tutorial, we shall provide an overview of the state of art of cryptographic analysis and discuss the some of the existing tools of analysis.

About the Speaker: R. K. Shyamsundar is the dean of School of Technology and Computer Science at Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bombay. He is a distinguished research scientist. He is  a fellow of  IEEE and an IEEE Computer Society CTP Speaker 2000-2003. 

Conference Inaguration & Special Functions  

Date: 20.12.2000; Time: 4.30 PM 



Thursday, December 21, 2000

Plenary Session - I (Session 1)  Time: 9:00 AM - 10.45 AM
Welcome to Technical Program:

General Chair: Jayadev Misra, University of Texas at Austin, USA
Session Chairs: Durga Misra, New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
                             R. K.  Ghosh, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

Keynote Papers

1.1 Reliability and Layer 7 QoS Management in Enterprise Networks
Chandra M.R. Kintala, Vice-President, Network Software

Research, Avaya Labs (Formerly Bell Labs), Avaya Inc., USA

1.2 Impact of the Internet on Higher Education
      Gary Thomas, Chancellor, University of Missouri-Rolla, USA

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM 30 Minutes Break

Session 2: Invited Presentation - I  Time : 11.15 AM  -  11.45 AM
Session Chair: Hrushikesha Mohanty, University of Hyderabad, India

2.1 Network-Based Computing: Current Trend, Challenges, and the Future
      D. Panda, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA

11:45 AM - 1:00 PM    LUNCH

Session 3: Sequential and Parallel Algorithms  (Parallel with Session 4)
Time: 1.00 PM  - 2.20PM     
Session Chairs: D. Panda, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio, USA and

B.S. Panda, BITS Pilani, India

3.1 Parallel Recognition Algorithm for Chordal-Planer
      Graphs and Planer k-tree
      BS Panda, Dept of CSE, BITS Pilani, India

1:20 PM
3.2 A Reuse Appraoch for Tree Data Structures
      Shaleen Agarwal
      s/o Mr. SK Agarwal, 4 Anupam Vihar, Engineers' Enclave
      P.O. Konwali, Dehradun -248001, India
      Email: shaleen_iit@mailcity.com

1:40 PM
3.3 Computing Inverse Line Graph in Parallel
      Aditya Shastri
      IBM-India Research Laboratory
      Block-I, IIT-Delhi, Hauz Khas, New Delhi-110 016, India
      Email: saditya@in.ibm.com

2:00 PM
3.4 Constant Time Parallel Algorithm for Submesh Allocation and Job
      Scheduling on Partitionable Mesh Connected System (PMCS)
      Shailendra Kumar, Manish Arora and PK Jana
      Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Ranchi 835215, India

Session 4: Management of Information Systems (Parallel with Session 3)
Time: 1.00PM – 2.20PM
Session Chairs: A.K. Pujari, OCAC and S. Nandi, IIT Gahuati, India

4.1 A New Algorithm for Total Cost Minimization in Distributed
      Query Processing
      B. Vijayakumar, N. P. Gopalan,
      Dept of CSE, REC Tiruchirapalli, India
      Email: vijay@rect.ernet.in

1:20 PM
4.2 Spatial Relational Database  Using Constraint Satisfaction Model
      M. K. Pradhan and Srikanta Patnaik
      Dept of Electrical Engineering
      University College of Engineering, Sampalpur, Burla, India
      Email: srikantapatnaik@hotmail.com

1:40 PM
4.3 Optimization of Chain Queries in a Distributed Relational Database
      B. Vijayakumar, N. P. Gopalan,
      Dept of CSE, REC Tiruchirapalli, India
      Email: vijay@rect.ernet.in

2:00 PM
4.4 Distributed Query Optimization involving Multiple Nested Queries
      B. Vijayakumar, N. P. Gopalan,
      Dept of CSE, REC Tiruchirapalli, India
      Email: vijay@rect.ernet.in

2:20 PM - 2:50 PM 30 Minutes Break

Poster Session I  Time: 2.50 PM
Session Chairs: N. P. Gopalan, REC Tiruchirapalli, India,
Poster Session II (students) 
Session Chair: Dr. Ajit Panda, NIST, India

5 Minutes Presentation for all posters

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM Poster Presentation at the Poster

Poster Session I  

P1.1 Web-Based Graphics with Fractals
         S. Dube, MGP Prasad and K Sridharan
         Dept. CSE, IIT Guwahati, India
         Email: mgpp@postmark.net

P1.2 Design and Implementation of Personalized Search Engine
        Kamalesh Dutta, A Seal, P. Sharma and S. Kumar
        Dept of CSE, Hamirpur, India
        Email: kamaleshdutta@yahoo.com

P1.3 A Hierarchical Architecture to Provide Integrated
        Services over Hybrid Networks
        HK Pati, R Mall and I. Sengupta
        Dept of CSE, IIT Kharagpur, India
        Email: <hpati,rajib,isg>@cse.iitkgp.ernet.in

P1.4 Campeps: An Online Electronic Payment System
        Verma Vishal, Kaushal Prashant, Nandi Sukumar
        Dept of CSE, IIT Guwahati, India
        Email: sukumar@iitg.ernet.in

P1.5 Requirement Analysis of E-Commerce Projects
        Sudeep Mallick and Arun K Singh
        E-Commerce Research Labs
        Infosys Technologies Limited, Electronics City
       Hosur Road, Bangalore 561 229, India
       Email: <sudeepm, arunks>@inf.com

P1.6 System Modeling Using Virtual Instruments
        Raghu B. Korrapati Webster University,
        Columbia, SC 29207, Email:
        Email: kraghu@webster.edu
        Nikunja K. Swain, South Carolina State University,
        Orangeburg, SC 29117,
        Email: swain@sets.scsu.edu

Poster Session II (Student Posters)

P2.1 Elimination Of The Keyboard,
        Debi Prasanna Patnaik
        Electrcal Engg.(B.E.)Dept., Regional Engg.
        College,Rourkela-769 008 Orissa,India.

P2.2 Multisite Parallel Software Development
        Debi Prasanna Patnaik
        Electrcal Engg.(B.E.)Dept., Regional Engg. College,
        Rourkela-769 008 Orissa,India.

P2.3 Rule Discovery from a Student Marks Database Using
        Genetic Algorithm Based Machine Learning
        Abhishek Chatterjee, Asish Ranjan Subudhi
        Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering,
        NIST, Palur Hills, INDIA

P2.4 A Neural Network Based Solution To Human Face Recognition,
        Debadatta Sahoo, Sasmita Kumari Sahu and Satyajit Acharya,
        Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
        NIST, Palur Hills, INDIA

P2.5 NIST-SET: An Object-Oriented Software Engineering Toolkit for
        Developing Database Applications
        Debabrata Parida, NIST Training and Consultancy Services,
        NIST, Palur Hills, Berhampur, INDIA

6.00 PM  Dinner

Friday, December 22, 2000

Plenary Session II (Session 5)  Time: 9.00 - 10.30 AM
Session Chairs: R. K. Ghosh, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and 
                             Durga Misra, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Keynote Papers
5.1 Data Dissemination over the Web
      K. Ramamirtham, University of Masschusetts, USA

5.2 LeZi-Update: Towards a Universal Model for Personal
      Mobility Management in Wireless Cellular Networks
      S. Das, University of Texas at Arlington, USA

10:30 AM 11:00 AM 30 Minutes Break

Session 6:   Business Information System and Security   (Parallel with Session 7) 
Time: 11.00 AM -12.00 Noon
Session Chairs:  Dheeraj Sanghi, IIT-Kanpur, India and

. Ashis K. Pani, XIMB, Bhubaneswar, India

6.1 Criteria For Developing Banking Interactive Voice Resonse
      User Interface
      Zulikha Jamaludin and Abdullah Embong
      School of Information Technology
      Universiti Utara Malaysia, 06010 Sintok, Kedah, Malaysia
      Email: zulie@uum.edu.my, ae@cs.usm.my

11:20 AM
6.2 An Efficient Authenticated Asymmetric Key Exchange Scheme
      Indraneel Chackraborty and Sukumar Nandi
      Dept of CSE, IIT Guwahati, India
      Email: sukumar@iitg.ernet.in

11:40 AM
6.3 Visual Authentication - A New Paradigm
      Himanshu Raj and Sukumar Nandi
      Dept of CSE, IIT Guwahati, India
      Email: sukumar@iitg.ernet.in

Session 7: Management of  Imprecise Information Systems (Parallel with Session 6 )
Time : 11.00 AM - 12. Noon
Session Chairs: S. Misra, CSDC Systems, Canada  and

S. Sarkar, IIT Kharagpur

7.1 FZILOG: Integrated Representation of Formal and Fuzzy Knowledge
      Girish Keshav Palshikar
      Tata Research and Design Center
      54 B, Hadapsar, Industrial Estate, Pune 411 013, India
      Email: girishp@pune.tcs.co.in

11:20 AM
7.2 Logical Specification of Goals
      Rajdeep Niyogi and Sudeshna Sarkar
      Dept of CSE, IIT Kharagpur, India
      Email: <rajdep,sudeshna>@cse.iitkgp.ernet.in

7.3 Using Actions as Diagnostic Tools
      Rex B. H. Kwok, Norman Y. Foo and Abhaya C Nayak
      Computational Reasoning Laboratory, Division of ICS
      Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Australia
      Email: abhaya@ics.mq.edu.au

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM  LUNCH

Session 8: Invited Presentation - II
Time: 1.00 PM - 2.00PM     Date: Dec 22, 2000
Session Chair:  Bhed Bahadur Bista, Iwate Prefectural  University, Japan

8.1 Power Challenge in ULSI Circuits Today
      P. Patra, Intel Corporation, USA

1:30 PM
8.2 Keys to Municipal Government Automation
     S. Misra, CSDC Systems, Canada

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM 30 Minutes Break

Session 9: Computer Networks and Systems I  (Parallel with Session 10) 
Time: 2.30 PM
Session Chairs: Dheeraj Sanghi, IIT-Kanpur, India

9.1 Active Networks - Directions and dead ends
      V Kumar and M Naik
      Computer Networks and Internet Engineering Division
      National Center for Software Technology
      Gulmohar Cross Road No. 9, Juhu,
      Mumbai - 400 049

2:50 PM
9.2 SCAMP: SCAlable Multicast Protocol for Communication in Large Groups
      Dheeraj Sanghi and Atul Vadera
      Dept of CSE, IIT Kanpur 208 016, India
      Email: dheeraj@cse.iitk.ac.in

3:10 PM
9.3 End to End Internet Quality of Service (QoS): An Overview of Issues Architecture and Framework
      R. Chakraborty, S. Kar and P. Farjami
      Multime Solution Group, Sillicon Autmation Systems
      Bangalore, India
      Email: rajivc@ieee.org

3:30 PM
9.4 Concept-based Clustering of Clickstream Data
      Arindam Banerjee, Vishal Mishra and Joydeep Ghosh
      Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
      University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712


Session 10: Distributed  & Object Based Systems (Parallel with Session 9 )
Time: 2.30 PM - 3.50 PM
Session Chairs:  A. Shastri,  Banasthali Vidyapith-Rajsthan, India

P. K. Meher, Utkal University-Bhubaneswar, India

10.1 Generalized Hierarchical Messge Sequence Charts (MSC+)
         Mesfin Belachew, A Gandhi and RK Shyamsundar
         Faculty of Technology and Computer Science, TIFR
         Homi Bhaba Road, Mumbai 400 005, India
         Email: shyam@tcs.tifr.res.in, ashit@giasbmc.vsnl.net.in, shaibaz@flash1.flashmail.com

2:50 PM
10.2 Implementation of a Distributed System Using Object
        Based Shared Memory
        N. Ramasubramanian, R. Suriyapriya,
        X. Amala and Sahaya Babu
        Dept of CSE, REC Tiruchirapalli 620015, India
        Email: NRS@rect.ernet.in

3:10 PM
10.3 Instance modeling - beyond object- Oriented modeling
        Giorgio Bruno, Marco Torchiano, Rakesh Agarwal
        Dip. Automatica e Informatica Politecnico di Torino,
        C.so Duca degli Abuzzi, 24, I-10129 Torino, Italy
        Infosys Technologies Ltd., Near Planetarium,
        N.H.5, Bhubaneswar - 751013, India.

3:30 PM
10.4 A Technique for Parallel Reachability Analysis of Java Programs
        Raghuraman Rangarajan, Sridhar Iyer, & G. Sajith
        School of Information technology, IIT Bombay

3:50 PM - 4:00 PM 10 Minutes Break



PANEL DISCUSSION - I : Popularisation of Information Technology: On a Local Context 
(Parallel with Panel Discussion - II)
Time: 4.00 PM - 5.30 PM      Date: Dec 22, 2000 
Moderator: Prof. S.P. Misra, President, OITS, Bhubaneswar

Participants: Dr. A.K. Pujari, CEO OCAC, Bhubaneswar

Mr. A. Meena, DM, Keonjhar

Prof. RK Chhotray, Prof CSE Dept, REC, Rourkela

Mr. S.P. Nanda, IT Secretary Govt of Orissa

Prof. AK Bisoi, Prof & Head CSE, IGIT, Sarang

PANEL DISCUSSION - I I: Indian IT industries and IT institutions - a Symboisis for Common Goal (Parallel with Panel Discussion - I)
Time: 4.00 PM - 5.30 PM
Moderator: P. Patra, Intel Corporation, USA

Participants:  Mr. P.C. Sahu, DOT, Bhubaneswar
                        Mr. Rakesh Agarwal, Infosys, Bhubaneswar
                        Mr. Pradeep, OSI Technologies, Hyderabad
                        TBA, TSC Calcutta
                        TBA, Univ of Hyderabad


Saturday, December 23, 2000

Plenary Session III (Session 11) Time: 9.00 AM - 9.45 AM 
Session Chairs:  R. K.  Ghosh, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
                              Durga Misra, New Jersey Institute of Technology
9.45 AM
Keynote Paper
S11.1 Next Generation Information System Technology
           S. Noguchi, President, University of Aizu, Japan

9:45 AM - 10:00 AM 15 Minutes Break

Session 12: Invited Presentation - III
Time : 10.00AM - 11.00Am Date: Dec 23, 2000
Session Chair:  Goutam Chakraborty, Iwate Prefectural Univ, Japan 
                            Onn Sehory, IBM Research Center,  Tel-Aviv, Israel

12.1 Internet Security Assurance and Policy based Network Management
        G. Shivkumar, IIT Bombay

10:30 AM
12.2 Trends in Multiprocessor System Design
        D. Das Sharma, HP, USA

11:00 AM - 10:40 AM 10 Minutes Break

Session 13: Computer Network and  Systems II (Parallel with Session 14)
Time: 11.10AM - 12.30 PM
Session Chairs: Pushpak Bhattacharya, IIT Bombay, India and

S. Iyer, IIT Bombay, India

11.10 AM
13.1 Linear Prediction for Traffic Management and Fault Detection
        A Ramasamy, Hema A Murthy and TA Gonsalves
        TeNeT Group, Dept of CSE, IIT Madras, Chennai 600 036
        Email: <ramudu, hema, tag>@tenet.res.in

11:30 AM
13.2 Subtask Deadline Assignment and Scheduling of Real-time Tasks
        Satyanarayan V Nandury, Rajib Mall and Ajit Pal
        Dept of CSE, IIT Kharagpur, India

11:50 AM
13.3 A System for Web Based Data Acquisition
        B. Rajesh Kumar, K Sridharan and K Srinivasan
        Dept. of CSE, IIT Guwahati, India
        Email: k_srini@postmark.net

12:10 AM
13.4 Automatic Generation of Hyperlink Using Semantic Information
         Kumaravel Senniappan and Pushpak Bhattacharya
         Department of Computer Science & Engineering
         Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay 400 076, India
         Email: pb@cse.iitb.ernet.in

Session 14: Issues in Soft Computing I (Parallel with Session 13 )
Time: 11.10 AM - 12.30 PM
Session Chairs: G. Sajith, IIT Guwahati, India and

S. K. Jena, REC, Rourkela, India

11.10 AM
14.1 A Genetic Inspired Algorithm with Greedy Mutation for Channel Assignment Problem in Cellular Networks
         Goutam Chakraborty
         Iwate Prefectural University, Takizawamure
         152-52 Sugo, Japan 020-0193
         Email: goutam@soft.iwate-pu.ac.jp

11.30 AM
16.1 Time-series Stock Forecasting of P500 index of NYSE Using Functional Link ANN
        Barun Gupta and Sanjay K. Jena,
        Department of Computer Science Engineering
        and Applications
        Regional Engineering College, Rourkela -769008,INDIA.

11:50 AM
14.2 Speed Challenge: A Case For Hardware Implementation in Soft Computing
        Taher Daud, Anil Thakoor, Adrian Stoica, Tuan Duong
        Didier Keymeulen, Tyson Thomas, and Ricardo Zebulum,
        Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology,
        Pasadena, California, USA

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM LUNCH





Session 15: Image Processing  and Image Based Systems (Parallel with Session 16) Time: 1.30 PM - 2.30PM 
Session Chairs:  A. K. Bisoi, IGIT Sarang, India and

Pushpak Bhatacharya, IIT Bombay, India

15.1 Machine Recognition of Printed Oriya Characters
        Peeta Basa Pati, AG Ramakrishnan and UK Arvind Rao
        Biomedical Laboratory, Dept of Electrical Engineering
        Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012, India
        Email: pati@ee.iisc.ernet.in

1:50 PM
15.2 Filtering Schemes For Removal Of Impulse Noise Using Fuzzy Detector
        G. Panda, B. Majhi and P.K. Dash,
        Regional Engineering College, Rourkela - 769 008,


2:10 PM
15.3 An Efficient Image Compression Technique Using Spline Wavelet
        G. Panda And S. K. Meher
         Department Of Applied Electronics And
         Instrumentation Engineering, REC, Rourkela-769008, India

Session 16: Issues in Soft Computing II (Parallel with Session 15)
Time: 1.30 Pm - 2.30 PM
Session Chairs: T. Daud, CalTech, USA and G. Sajith, IIT Guwahati, India

16.2 A Dynamic Channel Assignment Scheme Using Artificial
        Neural Network Paradigm
         S. Udgata amd S. Mahapatra
         PG Dept of Computer Science, Berhampur University,
         Berhampurm Orissa - 760 007, India
         Email: udgata@hotmail.com

1:50 PM
16.3 Generation of Synthetic Textures Using Markov Random Field and Genetic Algorithm
        Satyajit Acharya, Anubrat Das and Manoranjan Mishra
        Department of Computer Science,
        National Institute of Science and Technology, Palur Hills



General Chair

Jayadev Misra, University of Texas at Austin, USA

Email: misra@cs.utexas.edu

Vice-General Chair

Rabi N. Mahapatra, Texas A & M University, rabi@cs.tamu.edu

Advisory Chair

S. P. Misra, President, OITS, spmisra@iopb.res.in

Program Chairs

Durgamadhab Misra

ECE Department, NJIT

Newark, NJ 07102, USA

Email: dmisra@njit.edu

Tel: +1-973-596-5739


R. K. Ghosh

Department of CSE

IIT-Kanpur – 208 016, INDIA

Email: rkg@cse.iitk.ac.in

Tel: +91-512-597645

Fax: +91-512-590725

Tutorial Chairs

Niranjan Tripathy,

Fujitsu Microelectronics,

Email: niranjan@nms.fnc.fujitsu.com

Manas R. Patra

Berhampur University

Email: manarp@excite.com


Organizing Chair

P. K. Mishra,

KIIT, Bhubaneswar

Email: pkm@stpbh.soft.net

Tel: +91-674-443271

Fax: +91-674-554464

Finance Chair

Surjya Mohanty

OCAC, Bhubaneswar

Emai: surjya@ocac.ernet.in







Programme Committee

H. Afsarmanesh, U. of Amsterdam

Hamid Arbania, University of Georgia

Gautam Barua, IIT Guwahati, India

A. K. Bisoi, SGIET, Sarang, India

Ranjit Biswas, IIT Kharagpur, India

Dipankar Dasgupta, University of Memphis

D. Dashsharma, Hewlett Packard, USA

S. C. Mehta, DOE, Govt. of India

Chris George, UNU/IIST, Macau

Gerard Huet, INRIA, France

S. Sitharama Iyengar, LSU, Battonrouge

K. Vidyasankar, University of New Foundland

Jay N. Bhuyan, AT & T, USA

Kalyanmoy Deb, IIT Kanpur, India

PP Chakraborty, IIT Kharagpur, India

Chitta Boral, Arizona State University

H. Mohanty, University of Hyderabad

Uttam Sarkar, IIM Calcutta

Sharat Chandran, IIT Bombay, India

PK Kalra, IIT Delhi, India

V. Kreinvich, University of Texas at El Paso

Hung Nguyen, New Mexico State University

Jorge Lobo, Lucent &U. of Illinois at Chicago

Prasant Mahapatra, Iowa State University

Chitta R. Das, Penn State University

Ashwini Nanda, IBM TJW Lab

Abhaya Nayak, Macquarie University, Australia

Pranay Chowdhuri, Kuwait University

Ajay Datta, University of Las Vegas, Nevada

K Naik, Carlton University Canada

Srikanta Patnaik, UCE Burla, India

Piyu Tripathy, Cisco Systems, USA

Sridhar Iyer, IIT Bombay, India

D Manjunath, IIT Bombay, India

Arun Agarwal, University of Hyderabad, India

A. K. Pujari, University of Hyderabad, India

JC Patra, REC Rourkela, India

D. Saha, Jadavpur University, India

NL Sarada, IIT Bombay, India

D Jankiram, IIT Chenai, India

Cheickna Sylla, NJIT, USA

Onn M. Shehory, CMU, USA

Advisory Committee

Arvind, MIT, USA

Akhsai Aggarwal, Gujrat University, India

Alok Agarwal, IBM-SRC, India

Dharma P. Agarwal, NCSU, USA

Amitava Bagchi, IIM-Calcutta, India

S. N. Behera, IOPB, India

G. P. Bhattacharjee, IIT-Kharagpur, India

L. N. Bhuyan, Texas A & M Univ, USA

B. N. Chatterji, IIT-Kharagpur

G. Das, Utkal University, India

J. R. Dash, Oracle Corporation, USA

P. C. Das, IIT-Kanpur, India

P. K. Dash, REC-Rourkela, India

D. Dutta Majumdar, KIIT-Bhubaneswar, India

C. E. Veni Madhavan, IISc-Bangalore, India

S. N. Maheswari, IIT-Delhi, India

Viktor Prasanna, University of California, USA

V. S. Ramamurthy, DST-GOI, India

N. Seshagiri, NIC, India

Nocio Shratori, Tohoku University, Japan

R. K. Shyamsundar, TIFR, India

4) item in industry panel Mr.R.Narayanan,TCS,Calcutta