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Comparing and Assessing Programming Languages - Feuer and Gehani

Structured Concurrent Programming - Holt, Lazowska, Graham, and Scott

RISC Architecture - Kane

Tutorial on Advanced Computer Architecture - Agrawal

Performance Modeling for Computer Architects - Krishna

Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science - Kolman and Busby

Computer Systems Architecture - Baer

Digital Design - Wakerly

Basic Electrical Engineering - Fitzgerald, Higginbotham, Grabel

(I) From Professor Rabi Mahapatra and his colleagues at Texas A & M University (50)

1. Principle of VLSI Design- A Sysytem Prspective -Neil Weste, kamran Eshraghin

2. The Elements of AI Steven L. Tanimoto

3. LAN Design Andrew Hupper, Steven Temple, Robin Williamson

4. Instructors Mannual to Computer Architecture & Orga nization. - J.P. Hays

5.Instructors Mannual to Computer Architecture & Orga nization. - J.P. Hays

6. Solution Mannual to Computer Organization Hamacher, Vranesic & Zaky

7. Structured Computer Organization -Andrew Tanenbaum

8. Software Design & Development - Philip Gilbert

9.Principle of Computer Systems Gerald M. Karam & John C. Bryant

10. CAD for VLSI - Steven M Rubin

11. Adv. Computer Architecture- Richard Y. Kain

12. Introduction to Computer Engineering Franco Preparate

13.Intr. to MOS LSI Design -J. Mavur, M. A. jack

14. Elementary Number theorey -Underwood Dudley

15. 80386 Microprocessor handbook -Chris H. pappas & william H. Murray

16. Computer Concept & Assembly Programming: 360/370 -Richard H. Stark & Donald dearholt

17. Computer Organization -hamacher, Vranesic & Zaky

18.Computer Organization -hamacher, Vranesic & Zaky

19. Computer Architecture case Studies -Robert Baron & Lee Higbic

20. Design and Organization of Computing Structure -James Herzog

21. Programming & Design with 68000 family -Tibet Mimar

22. Enterprise Networking Strategies & Transport Protocol -James Martin

23. Silcon Compilation -David Gaski

24. Computer Organization & Design: Hardware, Software Interface -David A Patterson & John Hennssy

25. Computer Architecture: A Quantitative approach - Hennessy & patterson

26. Adv. Computer Architecture: A System Design -Richard Y. Kain

27. Computer Systems design and archtecture -Vincent P. Heuring & Harry F. Jordan

28. Fault Tolerant computing - Dhiraj Pradhan

29. Instruction Mannual for Computer Organization & design: Patterson & Hennessy -Edward Okie

30. Operating System concept: Silberschatz galvin

31. Digital Logic & computer design -M. Moris mano

32. Introduction to Operating System - H. M. deitel

33. Computer Organization & Architecture: Principle of Structure and Functions - William Stallings

34. Datastructure - Ellis Horwitz & sartaj sahni

35. Turbo C User Guide -Borland

36. Introduction to datastructure with Applications -Trembley & Sorenson

37. Operating System concept -Peterson & Silberschatz

38. Working Classes: datastructure & Algorithm using C++ -Rick decker & Stuart Hirshfield

39. Encyclopedia of Computer science & Technology -Allan Kent & J. G. Williams

40. Database Design -Wiederhold

41. Statistics - william F. Reily & L.D. Sturger

42. Computer Architecture and Organization -J. P. Hays

43. Introduction to datastructure & algorithm Analysis with pascal -Thomas L. Naps

44. Microprocessor System design: 68000 Hardware, Software & Interface -Clements

45. Solution to Microprocessor System Design- Clements

46. System Software - Leland L. Beck

47. Parallel Algorithm & Architecture -Michel Consard & Denis Trystram

48. Distributrd Computing - Umar

49. Logic Design - M. moris Mano

50. 68000 Family assembly language - Clements

(J) From Raikanta Sahu, Albuquerque, NM (7)

Essential LISP - John R. Anderson, Albert T. Corbett, and Brian J. Reiser

PASCAL Structure and Style - Richard Lamb

Mastering Turbo PASCAL 6 - Scott D. Palmer

Hands-On: MSDOS, WordPerfect 5.2, dBASE III PLUS, Lotus 1-2-3 2.2 - Lawrence Metzeleaar and Marianne Fox

Programmer's Guide to FORTRAN 90 - Walter S. Brainerd, Charles H. Goldberg, and Jeanne C. Adams

Software Engineering with Abstractions - Valdiz Berzins and Luqi

Essential System Administration - AEleen Frisch

(K) Collection from Chicago area (collected by Himanshu and Rashmita Baral) 80+

Turbo pascal prog guide -- Garrison

UNIX shell prog -- Cochen and Wood

Visual Info system -- Ceith

OODB -- Hughes

Windows network prog -- Davis

Learning to use windows app

Prolog prog for AI -- Bratko

Advance str Basic -- Onyette

Basic smart start -- Pierce

MSDOS user guide

Assembly and assembler Motorola MC6800 family -- Gorsline

Fundamentals of CDROM to applications -- Oppenheim

AI & Intelligent System implication -- David Anderson

Logical Database Design -- Jones, Curtice

Microsoft SQL server

UNIX comm -- Sams and Co.

Memory resident program in the IBM PC -- Wardlo

Principle of CS -- Carberry, Cohen, Khalil

Programming guide stream UNIX

Software dev and mgmt for microprocessor based system -- Rauscher

AI techniques -- Bundy

Dbase III plus adv prog -- Carrabis

Database system concepts -- Silberschatz and Korth

C prog on the IBM PC -- Zimmerman

Wordcom SQL users guide

Paradox 4.5 for windows -- Sams

UNIX prog environment -- Kernigham

Business data comm -- Tamper

The handbook of data comm and computer netowrk -- Chorasas

Computer games -- Levy

UNIX C++ prog env

The 16 bit microprocessor 8086/8088 -- Goody

Prog in C -- Cochan

OS design -- Comer

OS design -- Comer (2nd copy)

UNIX papers for unix dev and pwer users -- Sams

Database theory and practice -- Frank

C prog -- Kernighan

Common Lisp -- Steel

Graphics prog in C -- Steven

PL/1 and PL/C -- Able

Modern data processing -- Arnold, Hill and Nichols

68030 assembly lang -- Willliams

Undersanding Pascal -- Mandell

Databse analysis and design -- Hawrysgkieuycz

Advance dbaseIII plus -- Knecht

Principles of db and knowledge base I -- Ullman

Principles of db and knowledge base II -- Ullman

How to use QMS with DBII and SQL/DS -- Sayles et al.

Discrete maths for CS -- Siphlet

Application software prog, 4th gen lang -- Wojtkowski

Computer db organization -- Martin

OODB app software engg --Brown. Mc Grawhill

OODB prog -- Alagic

Data security and control -- Buck

Data st in Pascal -- Reingold and Hansen

Modern struct analysis -- Yourdon

Adv in lang and compilers for parallel proc -- Niccolau et al.

OSII presentation manager prog -- Petgold

Inside OSII 2.1 -- Sams

Managing Internet information service -- Jones

Handabook of DB mgmt and distr relational database -- Chorasas

Using CRC card an informal app to OO prog -- Wilkinson

Trouble shootng your LAN -- Sasser, Ralston

Fast access Dbase IV - Mcclure


A first course in discrete maths -- Mollau

Microsoft C prog -- Sams

Applications in AI -- Andriole

Security in computing -- Psleeger

Client server prog in OS II -- Orsali

Computer Architecture -- Schaum series

A guide to Ingress -- Date

Assembly language subroutine for MSDOS computers-- Scanlon

The art of computer graphics prog -- Mitchell et al.

Software quality engg -- Wills et al.

OO design -- Booch

DB system mgmt and design -- Pratt

(L) From Professor Steve Weiss, University of North Carolina (15 books)

- A First Course in Computer Science with Ada by Nicholas J. Delillo

- Programming and Problem Solving with Ada by Nell Dale, Chip Weems, and John McCormick

- Instructor's Guide for Programming and Problem Solving with Ada by Suzanne Pawlan

- Oh My! Modula-2!: An Introduction to Programming by Doug Cooper

- Pascal by Elliot B. Koffman

- Instructor's Manual and Test Bank for Pascal by Keith R. Pierce (2 copies)

- Standard Pascal Language Manual with Extensions in Turbo Pascal and MacPascal by Stuart Reges

- Macintosh Pascal by Moll/Folsom

- Karel the robot: A gentle introduction to the art of programming with Pascal by Richard E. Pattis

- Computer Science: A Modern Introduction by Les Goldschlager and Andrew Lister

- Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms by S. E. Goodman and S. T. Hedetniemi

- An Introduction to Data Types by J. Craig Cleaveland

- Principles of Programming Languages: Design, Evaluation, and Implementation by Bruce J. MacLennan

- The Synthesizer Generator: A System for constructing language-based editors by Thomas W. Reps and Tim Teitelbaum

- The Synthesizer Generator Reference Manual by Thomas W. Reps and Tim Teitelbaum

(M) From Prakash Muduli, Rashed Bhuiya and Surjit Sahoo. (10)

Understanding C by Hunter

Programming with FORTRAN (Schaum Series)

Programming with Pascal (Schaum Series)


DOS, WordPerfect & Lotus

Windows, Word & Excel

Word for Windows 2.0


Software Engineering by Sommerville

The Windows Interface (Microsoft Programming Series)

Programmer's Guide (UNIX System Laboratories)

Using EXCEL 4 for Windows by Person (Que)

(N) From Brajendra Panda, Univ of North Dakota (10)