Orissa Information Technology Society

1. OITS, Formation and structure

OITS has been formed to promote various activities in IT as in Memorandum and Artciles of Association of Orissa Information Technology Society with a very wide mandate. The original decisions were taken with quite a few participants of CIT-97 including L.M. Patnaik, A.K. Pujari, G.S. Misra, Chitta Baral, Rabi Mohapatra Purna Mohanty and many others. Application for registration of the same under Societies Registration act was made in March, 1998, and registration certificate has been obtained in May 1998, {\it with jurisdiction over the State of Orissa}. This registration was made with only eleven members of Bhubaneswar, since repeatedly information about members was needed which would be time taking otherwise, and we have now decided to go back to essentially the original informal decisions of 22nd December, 1997. I shall send a copy of the bylaws after making necessary changes in the context of the above. These contain lot of rigmarole, but here I shall high light a few things with some remarks.

(a) Aims and objectives: A very wide spectrum of activities in IT including fund raising practically from any source.

(b) Membership: (i) Annual Member...Rs75/-; (ii) Life Member...Rs500/-; (iii) Institutional Member...Rs.1500/-; (iv) Student Member...Rs.40/-; Donor Member...Rs.5000/-; Patron...Rs.25000/-.

Remarks: At present there is one donor member (S.P. Misra) and ten life members. Membership drive shall be now on. I imagine some of the members of OSA might like to be donor members. The membership form is attached at the end of this writeup. In that form, I would request OSA participants to give their permanent address in Orissa. As membership fees this shall not then amount to a foreign donation.

(c) Office bearers: (i) President (S.P. Misra, bbsr); (ii) Vice-Presient (P. Sahu GM(D), DOT); (iii) Secretary (Sanghamitra Mohanty,UU, bbsr); (iv) Secretary Overseas (Chitta Baral, USA); (v) Teasurer (P.K. Behera, UU, bbsr); (vi) Joint Secretary (Manas Patra, Berhampore).

In addition to the office bearers, the present executive committee members from Bhubaneswar also includes A.K. Pujari (OCAC), S. Torasia (IMS), J.R. Sahu (RRL) and professionals with advanced programmes in Computer Science.

Remarks: Secretary Overseas will take care of interacting with the members abroad, including those of a financial nature. He may probably collect the funds (if in dollars) and then along with the forms, send the same to Treasurer, OITS, Department of Computer Science and Applications, Utkal University, Bhubaneswar 751004, or in the address of the Secretary or President. Another alternative is to send the forms to some relations in Orissa, who give the same to any of the office bearers in Bhubaneswar along with a cheque.

(d) Elections: The General Body consisting of all members (excluding student members) shall elect the office bearers from amongst themselves and seven members of the executive committee members.

Remarks: This general body meeting was by convention held during CIT'99, and the same procedure will be followed in succeding years. Those members who shall be absent may if they so desire email an opinion, which shall be discussed in the meeting. I expect at least in the beginning we are to persuade people to be office bearers, so that confusion regarding elections at least to start with, may not arise.

(e) Miscellaneous: There are a few more rules regarding notice for meetings, quorum (1/3rd), audit, etc.

Queries regarding the above or suggestions may be made to Professor S.P. Misra, email: spmisra@iopb.res.in.