For OSA Convention

Idea of having OITS: Orissa Information Technology Society, infact, took shape on Internet in 1997. And it's a pleasure to see the society has been formed with active participations of professionals from all over the world. OITS has been successful in organising a National Conference on Information Technology at Bhuabaneshwar in last December. It also takes credit in pursuading Orissa Govt. to float B.Sc(Computer Science) curriculum. Ofcourse, what has been achieved is not enough in this competitive world. To meet the future with prospect, OITS has several plans. Let me take this oppertunity to tell you some issues in this regard.

More or less, you all are aware of state of IT education in Orissa. In comparison to our neighbouring state AP, we remain far behind in IT education as well as enterpreneurship. Such, backwardness has serious ramifications in social life. Realising this OITS plans to stir up IT education in three ways:

1. Introducing new regular education programme

2. Introducing mass education programme

3. Encouraging private enterprises in IT education. In addition OITS plans to act as a catalyst in providing employments to youths coming out successfully with IT education.

Towards greater cause of science, the society plans to bring out a research journal. Also publishing a communication for IT professionals and enterpreneurs is in agenda. OITS envisages to set up Samanta Chandrasekhar Institute of System Sciences - an institute of excellence as a token of respect to our great ancient scientist from Orissa.

Other than Education, OITS gives equal importance to Business. It plans to play a role in creating investment friendly atmosphere in Orissa by bridging gaps among enterpreneurs, Government and education institutes. OITS finds its unique role to play for better causes of Orissa.

Let me drive in some reasoning for your participation in the IT movement being ushered by OITS. In fact there are many. If you are an educationist, you will find a lot of interest and satisfaction in working with OITS education programmes and conferences. As a social worker, you are encouraged to initiate a novel mass IT education programme. As an enterpreneur, I'm sure you will find a lot of scope being a part of OITS family. Range of business includes: Training , Development (both for off-shore and internal markets) , Maintenace for both Computer and Communication systems. If you are interested in culture, I'm sure, a lot of job is to be done to preserve and popularize Oriya Culture using recent IT. I may not be right way able to enumerate all the reasons here. I'm sure you will find many more reasons to join OITS.

On behalf of OITS I appeal you to join OITS and give your hand in IT movement of Orissa. In this year December , OITS is organizing an International IT Conference at Bhubaneshwar. I invite and wish to see you there.

Wish you an enjoyable time in OSA Convention.


Hrushikesha Mohanty
Department of Computer & Information Sciences
University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad 500 046.